Zorro reboot with female lead in development from Robert Rodriguez

Zorro, reboot, Robert Rodriguez

Once upon a time, Robert Rodriguez (We Can Be Heroes) was slated to direct The Mask of Zorro, but after casting Antonio Banderas in the title role, Rodriguez dropped out and was replaced by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale). Over twenty years later, Rodriguez may finally get his chance to play with the masked vigilante. Deadline has reported that Robert Rodriguez and Rebecca Rodriguez are developing a contemporary reboot of Zorro that will feature a female lead.

Zorro will be co-written by Robert and Rebecca Rodriguez, with Rebecca taking on directing duties. The potential series will center on Sola Dominguez, “an underground artist who fights for social injustice as the contemporary version of the mythical Zorro. Her life is threatened by several criminal organizations after she exposes them.Zorro will be executive produced by Robert Rodriguez, Rebecca Rodriguez, and Sofia Vergara. Rebecca Rodriguez has helmed episodes of From Dusk Till Dawn, The Orville, Doom Patrol, Queen of the South, The Chi, Snowpiercer, and more. As for Robert Rodriguez, he recently helmed an episode of The Mandalorian on Disney+, and his next film, We Can Be Heroes, is slated to debut on Netflix on December 25th. The film, which is something of a sequel to The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, finds the children of Earth’s superheroes teaming up and learning to work together to save their parents and the whole world from alien invaders.

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