Zaya Wade Shows Us How Much Fun Social Distancing Can Be

It’s only been a few weeks since Zaya Wade made her debut, and in that short time Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s transgender daughter has become a star in her own right. The 12-year-old made her first red carpet appearance at the Truth Awards on March 9, just before shelter-in-place orders spread across the country and effectively shut down all public gatherings. Now, the almost-teenager is using her newly-minted Instagram to inspire some joy in our new social-distancing reality.

In a series of photos posted to the social media app (which she makes clear in the bio, is run by her parents!), Zaya is seen by herself, presumably at home, using her time in quarantine to practice her leaps and high kicks:

She could give her dad a run for his money in a jump shot competition! 

We don’t know what has Zaya jumping for joy, but we’re not mad at it. Not mad at all.

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