Zack Snyder shares SnyderCut picture of Henry Cavill in black Supes suit

At this point I think we are about two steps away from #ReleaseTheSnyderCut being added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Considering that Homer Simpson’s classic catch phrase “D’Oh!” is in there, it’s not much of a stretch. All discussions of the finer points of the English language aside, there’s no question about the Snyder Cut movement’s staying power. Multiple stars who worked on JUSTICE LEAGUE shared their support on social media just last month, including Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot. Director Zack Snyder has fanned the flames himself, previously showing the world via Vero, an image of several containers of film that presumably held the Snyder Cut. Well the director is up to his old tricks again and once again the information comes care of Vero.

2016’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE drew heavily from the Death of Superman comicbook run of the early 1990s. As you may recall, Henry Cavill‘s Superman is killed by Doomsday at the end of BvS and his resurrection teased in the final shot. This left many fans wondering if when the time came for the Blue Boyscout to be resurrected, whether he’d be wearing his signature black suit from the comics. As we know from JUSTICE LEAGUE that was not the case. However, if Zack Snyder is to be believed, that’s exactly what Supes would have worn. As such, the 300 director shared an image of what Henry Cavill would have looked like in the classic black suit. Check it out:

Now it’s important to note that there are several behind the scenes photos of Snyder shooting Cavill in the blue suit. In fact Snyder chose the blue suit and shot Cavill’s scenes in such a way that the suit could be adjusted to black in post production. Indeed, this suit somewhat resembles a desaturated blue one. If you read through the comments as well, Snyder specifically states that he would have had Cavill’s Superman wearing the black suit through most of JUSTICE LEAGUE, with the blue suit making a reappearance at a very specific moment.

Whether or not audiences ever get the Snyder Cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE remains to be seen. However, I can’t deny a certain fascination with seeing the final product. Images like this only make the prospect that much more tantalizing.

While we all anxiously await the day that the Snyder Cut is released to the public, the land of DC still has an amazing slate of films lined up including THE FLASH, Matt Reeves‘ THE BATMAN, James Gunn‘s THE SUICIDE SQUAD, and Patty Jenkins‘ WONDER WOMAN 1984. Next up, audiences will soon be returning to the city of Gotham as BIRDS OF PREY flies into theaters February 7.


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