WTF Happened to Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Hollywood has had its fair share of historically troubled productions. Whether it was casting changes, actor deaths, fired directors, in-production rewrites, constant delays, budget cuts or studio edits, these films had every intention to be a blockbuster, but were beset with unforeseen disasters. Sometimes huge hits, sometimes box office bombs. 

In the latest episode we look back at what happened to the Star Wars spinoff effort SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, which ended up being a financial disaster and critical flop for the usually cast-iron franchise. However, it wasn’t just a case of fans not caring for the film, it was a case of a film that seemed doomed early on, as original directors Chris Miller & Phil Lord were fired and replaced three-quarters of the way through shooting with veteran director Ron Howard picking up the slack and reshooting nearly the whole film. How did this happen? Why did this happen? What went wrong? We explore it all in the latest episode of WTF Happened To This Movie?

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