Why Jennifer Aniston Isn’t at the Critics’ Choice Awards in 2020

Jennifer Aniston is taking a break from the award show circuit tonight. The actress was not photographed on the Critics’ Choice Awards red carpet this evening in Los Angeles, the second event of 2020’s award season. But the reason for Aniston’s absence isn’t terribly surprising: The actress has no nominations. And her project The Morning Show only has one, for Billy Crudup’s Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series nom.

She did pop on Instagram though to share a photo of herself hanging with her Friends co-stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, so she’s still having a good night:

Aniston will likely be out again next weekend for the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards. There, she has a nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for her role on the The Morning Show. And guess who else will be there? Brad Pitt, who is nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role for his work in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

TMZ reported days after the Golden Globes that as much as the world would love to see sparks fly between Aniston and her ex-husband Pitt, it’s not going to happen. Multiple sources close to the two told TMZ that “they do NOT hang out outside of these rare [industry event] settings…and there’s simply nothing romantic going on between them.”

Pitt and Aniston did have a brief reunion at a Golden Globes after party, a source told E! shortly after the awards show. “They said hello very quickly,” a source said. “Jen arrived after Brad. It was brief, but [they] were very cordial and friendly and seemed happy to be there. They approached each other once they saw each other inside and looked happy as they started to hug and say hello. Jen whispered something to Brad, but it wasn’t in an affectionate way. They both didn’t seem like they wanted to make a big deal about being together in the same room although it was a private party. They were trying to be low-key. Brad left shortly after and didn’t stay at the party long.”

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