Why Does Kim Kardashian Have So Much Milk In Her Fridge?

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Kim Kardashian West isn’t a fan of clutter or mess…or furniture, really—we learned that much when she gave fans a tour of her hyper-minimalist house last year. But according to a new photo posted to her Instagram today, the mogul’s clutter-free, minimalist theme translates to other areas of the house as well, including her refrigerator, which is literally stocked with every type of milk you can think of and nothing else.

Kim gave us a peek into her fridge while promoting the new restock of her shapewear/loungewear line Skims. In one of the “candid” photos, Kim is snapped in front of her fridge—with the same look as a little kid caught doing something they shouldn’t—dressed in a gray Skims bralette and matching sweatpants.

The only thing is, there’s nothing else for Kim to reach for except milk—SIX different types of milk to be exact, and that’s just the first shelf. A few shelves down, there’s a large pitcher of what appears to be lemonade next to two small bottles (of milk?) with crazy-loop straws, presumably for her young children.

I’m perplexed. I have so many questions.

  • Where’s the food?
  • Did the photographer interrupt her while she was restocking her fridge?
  • What’s her favorite kind of milk?
  • Does she drink almond milk?
  • What’s her favorite cereal?
  • How much does she spend on Postmates?

    Twitter had thoughts, too. Ahead, the best reactions to Kim Kardashian’s milk fridge.

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