White Woman Calls Cops On Black UPS Worker Because He ‘Looked Suspicious’ Delivering Packages | National

A White woman in Atlanta called the police on a Black UPS delivery man because he made her “nervous.” 

The man, reportedly known as Nedrick Peters II, according to Storyful Rights Management, captured the confrontation on video and shared it on Instagram

In the video, the woman can be heard saying the UPS employee looked “suspicious” and that her car had been broken into recently. 

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“I’m going to need someone’s information to check up on you because I don’t understand why you’re walking around this neighborhood with a bunch of packages,” she said at the start of the video. 

The woman went on to say, “It’s a really big thing in this neighborhood for people to walk down the street for vandalism.” 

In the video, Peters says the woman was taking pictures of him. 

He turns the camera to show his dolly with several packages on it, which he was delivering in the neighborhood. 

At one point he even shows what appears to be a UPS uniform he’s wearing. 

A second UPS worker, who appears to be White, arrived and explained that the Black man works with him, but the woman had already called the police.

It’s unclear what occurred next, but the now-viral video caused an uproar. 

“Literally a hate crime,” one person wrote on Instagram. “Look how she acted when the WHITE man in the same uniform shows up. No questions or anything about who he is.”

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