White Woman Allegedly Calls Cops On Man Trying To Visit His Aunt

A man in New York City says he was denied access to a building where his aunt lived by a white woman who called the police claiming he was a thief. 

Alfredo Sandoval was with his two small children and said they were going to visit his aunt, who lived on the second floor of the building in lower Manhattan. 

But the woman wouldn’t let him enter the building, blocking him in the entrance way because he refused to tell her his aunt’s name. 

When Sandoval explained he didn’t have to tell her anything because she didn’t own the building, the woman called authorities to report a possible thief trying to gain access. 

Sandoval, who describes himself on his Instagram page as a serial entrepreneur who works in real estate development and qualified opportunity zones, posted a series of videos on his page on Monday (Nov. 18), which have since gone viral with over 75,000 views on his page alone. 

“**Racism In America** I exercised patience in a situation that was not deserving. I issued tolerance in the face of evil and I gave respect when it was not offered to me or my children,” he wrote on IG.

“This is not America or American. This behavior is deep seeded hatred and intolerance towards people of color and Latinos,” he added. “I post this video because my children had to bear witness of this hate. I ask all my friends to please share this persons repulsive and inhumane behavior. When they go low, we go high. The World has no space [for] this type of hate.”

Sandoval has yet to respond to BET’s request for comment about what followed after he stopped recording. 

This is what he told Baller Alert, “The police didn’t show up. My aunt was not home and this lady followed us upstairs. She clearly knows that my aunt lives there & is Hispanic from Dominican Republic. I am consulting with legal to determine next steps. I will keep you posted. This really needs to stop! My kids are traumatized.” 

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