What To Do (And Not Do) On A First Date

Dating is the literal worst

And we just can’t seem to solve it. The mysteries and wonders behind this weird ritual of meeting strangers or distant acquaintances/family in public places to sit across from cooked dead things and try to impress each other or — EVEN WORSE STILL — “just be ourselves” — will forever piss us off, make us sad, and fill us with joy.

And we’re helpless against it.

But what if that wasn’t true?

What if there was a way to know if a date was going well or not?

Hi, America, we’re here to tell you there IS in fact a way to know if a date is going well or not. It’s by just being yourself and trusting the universe! knowing the First Date Red Flags, and these two ladies know them all. ‘Cause there’s a lot.


Director – Miles Bonsignore

Writers – Nicky Hirschhorn & Catherine Bergin

Director Of Photography – Miles Bonsignore

Editor – Miles Bonsignore

Sound Engineer – Ethan Rhanielle


Olivia – Nicky Hirschhorn

Clare – Catherine Bergin

Nick – Peter Donahue

Hannah – Taylor Cooper

Waiter – Pablo Escobosa

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