What Selena Gomez Was Doing During the Golden Globes and After Parties 2020

Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez’s friend Taylor Swift had a big date night at the Golden Globes last night, and Gomez opted not to third wheel again (after her self-proclaimed 2019 of third wheeling) and join Swift and Alwyn at the after parties, where several stars who weren’t at the ceremony stepped out. But Gomez didn’t stay off social media during Golden Globes night. She hopped on Instagram to let fans know exactly what she was doing: Signing Rare albums and getting over being sick.

She posted a video, telling viewers, “I’m sick and I tried to redo this video 500 times. Basically, I’m the same.” Then she and her friend started cracking up, and Gomez took a second to compose herself. “I’m sweating. My album comes out in five days, and I’m very nervous, and I’m kind of freaking out, but I wanted to make a video because sometimes you just don’t really know it’s true—story of my life—I just wanted to show you guys that anybody who ends up getting these, they’re signed by me, no one else, and I’m about to do—it’s basically going up to 20,000 so I don’t even know if there was a point to that but I wanted you guys to know. FIVE DAYS!”

Gomez’s album Rare comes out this Friday, so it’s four days now. The singer has been teasing polaroids and song lyrics every day for the past four days. Her latest lyric is “I think you’re kinda crazy… and not the good kind, baby.”

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