Watch our exclusive stream of the pilot for medical drama Death’s Door

As hospital staff members across the globe continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, now feels like an opportune time to introduce a new medical drama that stresses just how hard doctors and medical technicians fight to save lives.

With that in mind, we present to you the full pilot episode for DEATH’S DOOR, starring VERONICA MARS and GALXY QUEST alum Enrico Colantoni, INTO THE BADLANDS actress Ellen Hollman, Jennifer Taylor (SHAMELESS, TWO AND A HALF MEN) and Tom Malloy (THE ALPHABET KILLER), among others.

Death's Door, pilot, Enrico Colantoni, Ellen Hollman

Here’s the official synopsis for DEATH’S DOOR:

Death’s Door is an original medical drama based on the true-life story and medical notes of Sebastian Sepulveda M.D. Death’s Door tells the story of an end-of-life-care doctor, Dr. Mark Corbin. Dr. Corbin’s entire career has been dealing with the terminally ill and dying. The deaths slowly take their toll on everyone around: first on Dr. Corbin’s staff, then his family, and even himself.

Created by Jack Skyyler and Alex Zinzopoulos, DEATH’S DOOR looks to place viewers at the heart of some very harrowing medical emergencies. Fans of network series like ER, Chicago Hope, and The Good Doctor will find lots to love in this new series that looks at the procedural thrills behind closed doors that could mean life or death for patients.

You can check out the teaser trailer for DEATH’S DOOR below:

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