Watch Harry Styles’ Charming ‘Adore You’ Music Video

The music video for Harry Styles’s song “Adore You” casts him as a fish out of water—literally and figuratively. While we’ve all had to buy into a high-concept scenario or two, the iconography for “Adore You” asks you to imagine Styles as total outsider. In a Twilight Zone-like twist: he’s the only person capable of smiling in the cursed island of Eroda (adore spelled backwards).

For this, he is mostly shunned from the town, bottling his screams into jars and trying to conform. But, as pop star Rosalía narrates, one day Styles meets another lost soul, a fish that washes up on shore. In a tale that is Wes Anderson-meets-The Shape of Water, Styles cares for the fish and bonds with it.

At one point, he even shares a meal with his fish friend, feeding him a miniature taco to match his regularly-sized one. Styles tweeted in reference to the strangely sweet moment, “I pledge miniature tacos for all.”



But, alas, taco Tuesdays can’t last forever and as the fish grows bigger, uncertainty looms. One day the creature bursts through its tank, causing Styles and the residents of Eroda to free him back into the ocean. With that, the town can magically smile alongside Styles, breaking the previously cursed isle.

The whimsical video accompanies Styles’s third song off his forthcoming album, following “Lights Up” and “Watermelon Sugar.” His second solo album, Fine Line, will be released on December 13.

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