WATCH! Cassie’s Husband Alex Fine Straps On A Prosthetic Pregnancy Bump To Settle A Bet

Expectant parents Cassie Ventura and personal trainer husband Alex Fine are counting down to the day they get to meet their precious daughter, “Alex Joseph Fine Jr.”

While playfully showing off his Empathy Belly, created to simulate what it feels like to be pregnant, the Me & U singer can be heard in the background saying he is probably carrying “35 pounds of weight.”

Still wearing the pregnancy belly an hour later, the expectant father filmed himself indulging in a beer along with the caption, “This isn’t allowed apparently. Being pregnant blows.” 

As the perfect end of the hilarious saga, the duo ended the night in bed with Alex still wearing the fake belly while a happy (and very pregnant!) Cassie looked on. 

If you’re ready for a good chuckle, check out the clips from his IG Stories below:

By far, this is one of the cutest maternity moments! Although Alex missed the mark by drinking the beer, you have to love him for trying. 

In case you didn’t know, Mr. & Mrs. Fine happily announced in June that they were pregnant with their first child together. The lovebirds later tied the knot with an intimate wedding in September. 

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