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November 23, 2019

Too much on your plate, Virgo? It may be time to make some tough decisions. Examine your to-do list with a critical lens on Saturday. Are certain nonessential obligations taking up valuable bandwidth? Focus your efforts on initiatives that give you a real return on your investment. With all you have going on, it’s important to be picky. By clearing space on your calendar for the things that TRULY matter, you’ll reach the finish line much faster. It doesn’t mean you can’t return to these other endeavors when your schedule frees up, but for now it’s important to prioritize! Make time for the people who matter most on Sunday, as tender Venus forms a heart-warming alignment with bold Jupiter in your domestic fourth house. Invite the squad over to your place for a home-cooked brunch, FaceTime with a far-flung relative, or (if you’re attached) go on a double date with your favorite couple. Dive deep into meaningful conversations and you could experience an unexpected emotional breakthrough!

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