TV Shows of 2019: Best and Worst Moments — ‘The Voice,’ ‘Watchmen’

They may not come with a shiny trophy or glitzy televised ceremony, but we still have plenty of awards to give to this year’s television shows.

Already this month, our Year in Review series has recognized the best dramas and comedies, as well as the very worst shows, sexiest scenes, strongest performances and much more. But in Part 1 of our “round-up awards” (embedded at right), we’re getting a bit more specific, honoring small-screen details like the best new characters, the most impressive use of green screen and the guiltiest pleasures.

Of course, not every TV show will feel the love in our gallery. We’ve also singled out this year’s most unnecessary character death, clunkiest exit storyline, most appalling cable news moment and several other side-eye-worthy missteps.

All told, our first batch of awards features nearly 50 highlights and lowlights — and there’s plenty more to come. On Friday, we’ll recognize the year’s saddest breakup, most frustrating character, wildest fight scene and best first kiss, among many other moments.

In the meantime, though, scroll through the attached gallery — or click here for direct access — to see our first wave of winners and losers, then drop a comment with the shows you would include.

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