Trump Calls Pregnant NBC Reporter Racist For Leaving Black History Month Meeting

Donald Trump held a meeting in the Cabinet Room on Thursday (February 27) for Black History Month, attended by a number of his African American supporters and members of the press. After a pregnant reporter from NBC had to leave because his remarks ran long, he attacked her and the network. 

A source revealed the reporter was Hallie Jackson, Chief White House correspondent for NBC News, who is pregnant and had been standing for 90 minutes. Jackson reportedly left the meeting when Trump’s remarks ran longer than scheduled. According to Deadline, she had told White House officials in advance that she would need to leave at a particular time to report for her on-camera duties with NBC Nightly News

After Jackson left the room, Trump labeled Comcast and NBC “the racists.”

“She just left from NBC because it’s owned by Comcast, and they’re the racists,” Trump said, while participants in the meeting clapped. According to the White House, Candace Owens, actor Isaiah Washington and Diamond and Silk were just a few of the guests in the meeting.

See the clip below:

According to Deadline, Comcast had no comment.

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