Toya Wright Defends Filming Her Brothers’ Murder Trial For Reality TV | Celebrities

Toya Wright is speaking out about the backlash she faced for allowing reality TV cameras into the courtroom to capture the murder trial of the man who is charged with killing her brothers in 2016.

This past September, Antoine “Tweezy” Edwards was convicted of the 2016 New Orleans shooting that took the lives of Wright’s brothers, 24-year-old Ryan “Rudy” Johnson and 31-year-old Joshua Johnson. Edwards was sentenced to life in prison. Reality TV cameras were there to capture the trial for Toya’s storyline on Toya: A Family Affair.

Toya says she doesn’t regret the decision to put the ordeal on tape, telling Page Six, “This is my reality.”

“The truth is, people were asking me why [I am] showing all that stuff,” she said, adding that even her close friends were “stunned” that she would allow cameras into the courtroom. “But when you sign up to do a reality show, this is my reality,” she continued.

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