Tom Steyer Suspends His Presidential Run | National

Presidential hopeful Tom Steyer has suspended his campaign after losing the South Carolina Primary on Saturday (February 29). He came in third and only received 13% of the Black vote

“I want to congratulate Vice President Biden on his victory in South Carolina. I started this campaign powered by a deep conviction that our country can’t wait to address the climate crisis, racial inequities and economic injustice. I entered this race because I understand the importance of beating Donald Trump and moving quickly to address the climate crisis,” said Steyer through a statement released to the media.

Although Steyer called this presidential run one of the “most rewarding experiences” of his life, he decided to suspend his campaign because he no longer saw a path to a victory. He claimed he entered the race because he cared about progressive change and the power of grassroots organizing. Steyer pledged to remain politically involved by knocking on doors and registering voters through his organization, NextGen America

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According to published reports, the former candidate pumped $267 million into his campaign, which drew criticism from other Democrats that he was buying his way into the race.  

Steyer is a businessman who has led many grassroots campaigns such as beating big oil to win clean air laws, forcing big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs, and closing a billion-dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. 

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