Todd McFarlane draws Spawn & Spider-Man together for the first time ever

Spider-Man, Spawn, Todd McFarlane

When most people think of Todd McFarlane, they think of his work on The Amazing Spider-Man and Spawn. McFarlane shot to super-stardom thanks to his dynamic artwork on the Spidey title, and later left Marvel to form Image Comics with a group of other artists. One of the first books from the new publisher was Spawn, but given that the two characters called different studios home, they haven’t had much opportunity to appear together, until now.

Todd McFarlane took to Twitter to unveil a new drawing which serves as the first time he’s drawn Spider-Man and Spawn together. Soak it in!

Speaking of Spawn, Todd McFarlane has been trying to get a new feature-film version of the character off the ground for a number of years. Jeremy Renner and Jamie Foxx were attached to star in the film, which would be produced by Blumhouse Productions, but the project experienced a delay last year owing to creative disagreements over the script. After JOKER was released to enormous success, McFarlane says that interest in his SPAWN film has increased. “I keep trying to convince people that doing a dark, serious comic book movie will work,” McFarlane said. “There’s been so much success with these PG-13 movies that there’s a resistance to them in Hollywood. But since Joker came out, it proves what I’ve been saying for over two years to any executives I can talk to. Serious dark comic books can work. R-movies can succeed. So now, all of a sudden, I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls saying, “Todd, we need to talk to you about that R-rated dark thing you wanted to do.” So Joker did me a favor.

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