Tisha Campbell Had To Convince Her Son She’s African-American | Celebrities

Race can be a difficult concept for a child to understand. Tisha Campbell dealt with this issue when she had to explain to her 10-year-old son Ezekiel that she’s African-American. He didn’t believe her.

While guest-hosting The Real, the actress told the story and even had a clip.

According to Campbell, after she explained to her son the history of his ancestors and heritage, Ezekiel asked if his 18-year-old brother Xen was African-American. 

Tisha replied with, “Yeah, our whole family. Me too.”

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Ezekiel said, “You’re not African-American!”

When Campbell asked why he didn’t believe her, he said, “Because you’re not like my skin, look at my skin!”

She later told her co-hosts that he told her she looked like his best friend, who Campbell described as having blonde hair and blue eyes. She also said, “We come in an array of colors! But he refused to believe me.”

Eventually, Ezekiel understood, but it took some time.

See the clip of Tisha Campbell and her son below.

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