‘Timeless’ Cancelled — New Revival Movie Possible, Per Abigail Spencer

Don’t move the Lifeboat into storage just yet: At least one Timeless cast member is game for more time-travel adventures.

While promoting her new Hulu series Reprisal, Abigail Spencer told our sister site Variety that she’d be interested in doing more Timeless movies, should the opportunity present itself.

“If we could do a Timeless movie every couple of years or around the holidays, how fun would that be?” Spencer suggested. “I just think it’s so unique. It was cancelled twice, brought back twice by the fans and then we made a movie. I don’t know, who does that? I feel like anything goes, and I love that cast, and I love everyone in that world.”

Spencer also remarked that Timeless‘ passionate fans “still want more” of the show, even after it received a proper conclusion.

The NBC series — which also starred Matt Lanter and Malcolm Barrett — was initially cancelled after one season in 2017, due to weak ratings. But after an outcry from fans, the show was resurrected just days later… only to be axed once more after Season 2 concluded. NBC then greenlit a two-part wrap-up movie, which aired in December 2018 (and received an average grade of “A” from TVLine readers).

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