This Is Selena Gomez’s Response to Two Nurses Dancing to ‘Boyfriend’

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Nothing provides more joy during this pandemic than seeing the people on the front lines with smiles on their faces. Thanks to TikTok, healthcare professionals have the chance to let off a little steam while they are dealing with a heartbreaking crisis. Selena Gomez found a video of two nurses dancing to her song “Boyfriend” from her latest album, Rare, and shared it.

In the video, one nurse has “not taken” written across her personal protective equipment while the other’s reads “single.” Then, they pull off a flawless dance while still wearing their PPE. Who knew that stuff was perfect for busting some moves?

Gomez shared the video on Twitter with the following message:

“This made me smile so much!! Thank you to every single medical professional on the frontlines. You guys are heroes ❤️” She linked to the TikTok account of a nurse named Kayla.

These nurses aren’t the only ones breaking it down to some catchy songs during their short time away from work. It looks like @nursekala has been capturing several of these dances on her TikTok account.

Here’s a very relevant dance to “Can’t Touch This.” The caption: “Seriously… don’t touch this.” Brilliant.

Something has to get them to laugh right now:

Céline would be proud:

Early this month, Gomez announced she was donating $1 from every order of the deluxe edition of Rare, which included three new songs, including “Boyfriend.”

“Many of you know how excited I’ve been to release a song called ‘Boyfriend,'” she posted in a note. “It’s a lighthearted song about falling down and getting back up time and time again in love, but also knowing that you don’t need anyone other than yourself to be happy.”

She continued: “We wrote it long before our current crisis, but in the context of today, I want to be clear that a boyfriend is no where near the top of my list of priorities,” she continued. “Just like the rest of the world, I’m praying for safety, unity, and recovery during this pandemic. “Because of that, I’m personally donating to the Plus 1 COVID-19 relief fund as well as donating $1 of every order in my official store to the fund starting now. Rare (Deluxe), featuring ‘Boyfriend’ is out April 9th.”

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