This Black Woman’s Scandal-Filled Life Story On ‘Humans of NY’ Created A Social Media Frenzy

“My stripper name was Tanqueray. Back in the seventies I was the only black girl making white girl money…”

That is just one juicy soundbite from the latest “Humans of New York” post from this fabulous woman who has since gone viral. This woman’s story is so scandalous—filled with strippers, mobsters and an affair with the president—that social media is petitioning for a book or documentary on her life. Well, while we don’t know the status on that yet, HONY creator Brandon Stanton did hear the Internet’s pleas and followed up the initial post featuring “Tanqueray” with two more!

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The third post dropped today (Nov. 20) and gave more popcorn-popping tidbits of her life on the New York scene in her teens and young adulthood during the 70s. Aunty is basically the most interesting woman on the Internet right now!

Get into her story below:

See the Internet’s LOL-worthy praise of this story:

We hope to hear and see more of her, whether on “Humans of New York” or on our screens!

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