‘The Oval’ Episode 8 Recap: ‘Eye On The Sparrow’

Tonight’s episode of The Oval picks up from last week with Barry walking in on Picky and Gayle in bed. Both Barry and Gayle are surprised to see each other, but Gayle is especially mortified. Eventually, we get to the point where Barry tells Picky that Gayle accused him of raping her. As it turns out, Picky was trying to get rid of Gayle anyway, so he tells her to kick rocks, and off through the projects she goes. Now she has to figure out how to get home on her own. By this time, the secret service officers finally know that Gayle is missing, so the frantic search has begun.

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Meanwhile, back at the White House, Victoria explains the situation with Gayle to Hunter just so that he’s in the loop. He doesn’t believe her, but he gets the message loud and clear when she tells him that she’s aware that he had Max go pick up Denise. Hunter does a terrible job, but FLOTUS be knowing. And she makes it clear that if she catches Denise in the house, everyone involved will regret it.  

Hunter is shook, so he calls Max after Victoria leaves and tells him to hold Denise somewhere so that he can figure something out. In the meantime, Hunter links back up with Victoria so that they can confront their son, Jason, about Gayle sneaking out. Jason admits that he helped Gayle sneak out because their mom tased her. Victoria is still not remorseful and says Gayle deserved it. Hunter realizes this conversation won’t go anywhere with Victoria still around, so he asks her to leave so he can be alone with Jason. 


Still from BET's "The Oval" episode 108. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

When it’s just father and son, Jason calls his mom evil. Hunter obviously agrees, but then Jason finally explains how he snuck Gayle out—they dressed her as a maid then slipped her in the trunk of Jean’s car. Jean is an actual maid. You remember her, right? She’s the woman Jason has been lurking around, and now she’s dragged into their mess because the secret service pay her a visit with tons of questions, and then they take her car so they can investigate further.

Anyway, Hunter and Victoria’s biggest fear is that this stuff will get to the press, so they want to get a handle on this asap. By now, they know Gayle is with Picky, and the secret service is already en route to scoop both of them up. 

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Back at Nancy and Richard’s house, we find Nancy having dinner with Sharon when all of a sudden a woman from the Ragadooshi cult, the same woman who helped Ruth kidnap Nancy’s granddaughter, Callie, comes crawling into the house. Literally crawling. It’s so dramatic. Now either Nancy doesn’t like to lock her doors or those Ragadooshi’s are clearly masters of breaking and entering, because that chick got in way too easily, just like the first time around when they took Callie. 


Still from BET's "The Oval" episode 108. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

Anyway, Nancy freaks out, but Sharon surprisingly calms her down in an attempt to keep the woman around so they can get information from her. Basically, all we know about Callie is that she’s with the one they call “the highest,” and that Nancy can’t call the police or they’ll never see Callie again. The Ragadooshi’s move around a lot, plus there are some cops who are in on their shenanigans. The woman is frazzled and frightened and says that she’s there because she’s desperate and that the Ragadooshi’s are trying to kill her, but wouldn’t think to look for her at Nancy’s house. 

The mystery woman said Ruth always said Nancy was a good woman and that this is her only place to go. Eventually, Nancy allows this woman to stick around under the condition that she tells her everything she can about Callie’s whereabouts and how the Ragadooshi’s get down.  

Now we’re back at the projects. Richard is at Picky’s place looking for Barry. Picky lies and says he hasn’t seen Barry even though Barry is still in the apartment and told his cuzzo to lie. Richard senses that Picky is probably lying but lets it go. 


Still from BET's "The Oval" episode 108. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

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In related news, Gayle gets snatched up by a bunch of goons while she’s walking through the projects like she’s about that life. She’s obviously trying to figure out how she’s going to get back home but doesn’t have any help because she pissed off all her allies! Honestly, it’s foul but at the same time, that’s what she gets. Karma is a beast.  

Finally, we end the episode with Donald and Lily. Donald leaves their home to go to work. But it turns out, Lily isn’t alone because, surprise, Bobby’s back! He is actually crazy enough to sneak back into the chief of staff’s house—the same place where he got shot. Lily is obviously shocked to see him but remains quiet after he asks her not to scream or run as if this isn’t the site of major trauma. These people are nuts! And that is where we end things. 

Stay tuned next week, because we’re going to find out what Bobby has to say and what the heck is going to happen to Gayle. 




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