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Newly released audio in the Alexis Crawford case reveals a call Jordyn Jones placed the night her roommate and friend was allegedly sexually assaulted by her boyfriend, Barron Brantley

Jones didn’t contact the emergency line for help because of the alleged assault. 

Instead, Jones, who has been charged with murdering Crawford, called 911 to report that her boyfriend, Brantley, who is also charged in the killing of the Clark Atlanta University student, had stolen her car, Atlanta Black Star reports

On Oct. 26, days before Crawford was killed on Halloween, she was allegedly raped by Brantley in the off-campus apartment she shared with Jones. 

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That night, Jones called 911 because Brantley reportedly took her Chevy Cruze after they argued about whether he raped Crawford or not, but she does not mention the alleged assault, Atlanta Black Star reports. 

“My ex-boyfriend just stole my car,” Jones told the dispatcher. “He took my keys and [expletive] ran and I’m about to [inaudible].”

During Brantley’s preliminary hearing on Nov. 22 for the death of Crawford, Detective Michael Young said Jones called a friend, Brittany, to share the news of her car being stolen after she placed the 911 call. She also told her about the assault.

“Jordyn actually called her friend Brittany, which is a friend of her sister’s and said, ‘Hey, my car’s stolen and also, I think something happened to my friend,’” Young testified, according to Atlanta Black Star. 

Brittany went to Jones and Crawford’s apartment and found the victim crying before she “discloses…that she was assaulted,” Atlanta Black Star reports.

Brittany, a graduate of CAU, was the one who called the police in the early morning hours of Oct. 27 to report the incident, Atlanta Black Star reports.   

Crawford filed a sexual assault report and after the rape kit examination, Brantley’s DNA was found. 

Shortly after Crawford was reported as missing, Jones tried to cover up the assault by calling Crawford’s family and saying no DNA was found.

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“On her own volition the defendant Ms. Jones called family members of Ms. Crawford and told them that there was no DNA found in the rape kit,” the prosecutor said during her preliminary hearing on Thursday (Nov. 21). 

No rape charges have been filed in the case. 

The alleged rape put a strain on Crawford’s relationship with Jones, who secretly allowed Brantley to stay in the off-campus apartment after the incident without the victim’s knowledge.

When Crawford found out Brantley was still staying in their apartment, she got into a physical altercation with Jones and Brantley got involved. 

Jones and Brantley then allegedly killed Crawford. He strangled her and Jones then smothered her face with a black trash bag until she stopped breathing, according to police. The pair then cleaned up the blood in the apartment and dumped Crawford’s body in a nearby park. 

Police later found blood throughout the off-campus apartment. A drop of blood was found in Jones’ bathroom sink, while a second search uncovered a sponge with blood and hair in the kitchen sink, according to Detective Young, Atlanta Black Star reports. 

They also found blood in “five or six places” in the living room.

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Young testified that after Jones led police to the body, they discovered the victim wrapped “in a blue blanket” with her hands bound and the plastic bag used to smother her was still covering her head, Atlanta Black Star reports.

During Brantley’s preliminary hearing on Nov. 22, a judge granted him protective custody while in jail at his attorney’s request, Atlanta Black Star reports. 

Both Brantley and Jones are currently being held without bond. 

Brantley’s next scheduled court date is January 10, 2020, and Jones is scheduled to appear in court next on Feb. 10, 2020.   

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