The Christmas Chronicles 2 goes overboard by reuniting Hawn and Russell

Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, The Christmas Chronicles 2, Netflix

Ho ho ho boy! If all you wanted for Christmas this year was a sequel to 2018’s THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES, have I got some … disappointing news for you. Mwuahaha! That’s right, I just “Grinched” all over your holiday spirit and there’s nothing you can do about it. Tell you what, instead of allowing my black heart to rule over this article, I’ll conjure up some holly jollys just for you!

Netflix has announced today that THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES 2 will be sleigh-riding its way onto Netflix for a Holiday 2020 release. What’s more is that Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are confirmed to be reprising their roles as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, respectively. The film, which is set to slide down the chimney as a sequel to the Clay Katnis-directed original, will find Kate Pierce – now a cynical teenager – unexpectedly reunited with Santa Claus when a mysterious, magical troublemaker named Belsnickel threatens to destroy Christmas forever.

Also returning are Darby Camp as Kate, Kimberly Williams Paisley as Claire and Judah Lewis as Teddy. New additions to the cast include Julian Dennison as Belsnickel, and Jahzir Bruno as Jack. Chris Columbus will direct and produce, alongside Mark Radcliffe and Michael Barnathan. The script is written by Matt Lieberman and Chris Columbus.

We’ll be sure to bring you more details for THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES 2 as they happen. For now, be sure to stay on Santa’s “Nice” list, lest you want to find coal in your stocking and reindeer dropping in your chocolate chip cookies.

THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES will arrive on Netflix for a Holiday 2020 release.

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