The Cast of ‘Twenties’ Plays A Round Of 20 Questions

In Lena Waithe’s new series, Twenties, Nia (Gabrielle Graham), Hattie (JonicaJojo” Gibbs) and Marie (Christina Elmore) are three friends living in Los Angeles trying to find the answers to life’s burning questions. Loosely based on the life of actor, producer and writer Waithe, Twenties is lead by Haddie, an aspiring film and television writer with designs on breaking into the industry on her own terms.

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“She’s trying to figure things out,” Gibbs says of Hattie who is an openly queer character. “She is super funny, headstrong, unique and I think you guys are going to fall in love with her.”

Marie is one of Haddie’s best friends who “offers lots of unsolicited advice,” according to Elmore. “I feel like Marie is the person who accomplished everything she set out to do and now is trying to firgue out what do you do when that’s not enough.”

Rounding out the the trio is Nia, a yoga instructor with Caribbean roots. “She’s kind of quirky, very much in love with love,” says Graham. “A hopeless romantic who is very in touch with her roots and proud of her culture.” sat down with the ladies to play a round of “Twenty Questions” that proved to be rather illuminating. We discovered that they all started out working at fast food establishments, Jojo attended the same high school as rapper Da Baby and that they have a natural chemistry that is going to make Twenties a must-watch:

For example: Where was your first kiss?

Gabrielle: Summer school.

Jonica: Why was you in summer school, first of all?

Gabrielle: Because my grades in math were very poor and I had to get them up.

Jonica: And you was being fast…

Gabrielle: I was being fast…

Jonica: I didn’t have my first real kiss until my senior year of high school. I was a little late. Well, I was on time, but…

Christina: My first kiss was in the bathroom of my elementary school.

Jonica: You was the fast one…

See what we mean? Watch the full video below.

Twenties premieres on Wed March 4 at 10 pm only on BET.

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