The Best Yoga Mats of 2020

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Like finding a pair of yoga pants with the right amount of stretch or a sports bra with enough support, yoga mats need to check off a few boxes as well. “When buying a yoga mat, budget, thickness, material, and texture are few factors you need to consider,” Alyssa Snow, founder of MindBodySoul Yoga says. If you’re a beginner, you should grab a softer mat over a firmer option. Soft mats, commonly made from PVC, give you a bit more cushion as compared to firm mats that are made from rubber which help more advanced yoga students with the tougher poses. If you’re going to be balancing on your head, you’re going to need some cushion. And if you’re just beginning, you need something to soft on your inexperienced hands.

The right mat can also prevent you from slipping, provide cushion to sensitive joints, and avoid sweat absorption—so there isn’t odor following you out the door post-workout.

To narrow down your search, here are some of the best yoga mats to invest in, including a few of Snow most reliable staples.

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For the ClassPass Fanatic

PRO® Yoga Mat 6mm



The instructors at MindBodySoul have been using Manduka’s mat for over 10 years for its durability. “The price point is on the high side, but for someone with a frequent practice, this mat is a great investment,” Snow says. “Perhaps more suitable for those practicing hatha or more gentle styles.”


For the Yoga Newbie

Classic Solid Color Yoga Mats

If you’re embarking on your yoga journey and you’re not too concerned about thickness, Gaiam’s cult-favorite mat is the best place to start. It’s thick enough for everyday use and affordable so you can save more money for classes. Plus, Snow loves the brand for its collection of unique mat designs. 


Best for Strength Training

eKO® Lite Yoga Mat 4mm



Snow suggests the Manduka yoga mat is perfect “for someone who likes less cushion and perhaps is practicing Ashtanga or strong and quick vinyasa practices.”


For Extra Cushion

The Reversible Mat 5mm



Lululemon’s mat will give your body just enough padding and support to take you from a plank to downward dog, and absorbs sweat easily so your next hot yoga session will be a breeze.


For Environmentalists

Moon Phases Cork Yoga Mat

No toxins or no chemicals, just an eco-friendly mat that brings you closer to the earth.


For The Perfect Balance

2-Color Yoga Mat (4mm)

To perfect your posture, try buying a thinner mat (3 or 4mm). “Thinner mats are ideal for practicing standing postures and balancing postures as it gives you a more concrete connection to the earth,” Snow adds. 


For A Futuristic Find

Fit Smart Yoga Mat



Not only does this mat roll up all on its own, it also comes with a Amazon Alexa command that will guide you through a yoga routine. Bonus points for the bright coral color. 

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