Terrell Owens Says Stephen A. Smith’s White Co-Host Max Kellerman ‘Seems Blacker Than’ Him

Stephen A. Smith was forced to defend his “Blackness” again. This time against former NFL legend Terrell Owens.

On Thursday’s episode of ESPN’s “First Take,” Smith had to stop the discussion after Owens said, “Max almost seems Blacker than you, Stephen A.”

Max Kellerman is Smith’s co-host, and is White. 

Smith responded, “Imma check you right now. You done crossed the line.”

This is all fallout from Smith’s position on Colin Kaepernick and the infamous workout last weekend in Atlanta. 

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Smith objects to the way Kap handled the NFL workout. Kap doesn’t trust the league and opted to do things his own way. 

Smith believes Kap ruined a legitimate chance at a job with his actions, and that position has drawn the ire of many within the Black community who support Kap unequivocally. 

Enter Terrell Owens, whom Smith mentioned on Tuesday’s (November 19) show as someone who has been critical of him. 

The two men had a chance to discuss their disagreements in public on Thursday, and then the conversation went sideways. 

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Owens explained his comment by telling Smith, “You’re taking it as disrespect. There’s no disrespect … it’s tongue-in-cheek.”

The two continued their disagreement over Twitter regarding who invited who to be on the show. 

Smith said Owens asked him. 

Owens said ESPN asked him.

Another case of he said, he said.

(Photo: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for REVOLT)

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