Tenet delayed until August 12th

Tenet John David Washington Christopher Nolan

Chalk this one up as the least surprising news of the week, but it looks like Christopher Nolan‘s TENET won’t be making its July 31st release date after all. According to Deadline, Warner Bros is opting to delay the film another two weeks, with the new opening date on August 12th. Furthermore, the planned 10th anniversary reissue of Nolan’s INCEPTION has also been delayed, moving to TENET’s old July 31st release date. One can reasonably assume Disney will also be moving MULAN, with New York theaters unlikely to open any time soon, while L.A theaters have also yet to be given the OK to reopen after COVID-19 cases have spiked nationally. 

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess as to when movies start trickling out again, and to be honest, I have my doubts even a mid-August date seems realistic. Smaller films like the Russell Crowe vehicle, UNHINGED, may still open, but with NY/LA screens still shut down, tentpole movies will realistically be a no go for some time to come. 

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