Taurus Weekly Horoscope


After a few weeks of flying under the radar (and maybe pushing the whole Netflix-and-chill thing to a new extreme) you could use a little breathing room, including more playdates OUTSIDE of the bedroom. Well good news, Bull: This Monday, you’re invited to let your hair down when your ruling planet Venus sails into Capricorn and your adventurous ninth house until December 20. Traveling might be your passport to romance for the next four weeks, whether slipping off for a couples’ getaway or reuniting with a high school crush when you head home for Thanksgiving. (You never know…) Single? A getaway may reboot desire, so head to a location where civilian clothing is basically optional. We’re talking about a warm weather climate, naturally, but who’s to say you won’t be entertaining a guest star in your cabana once you arrive at the resort? No matter your coordinates on Google’s green Earth, keep your ears perked for accents. Your dream lover could be a local resident from a different cultural background—or maybe a tourist rolling through your hometown for the holidays.

But as Tuesday’s new moon in Sagittarius hits your eighth house of permabonding, you’ll be thinking a lot more long-term than “vacation hookup.” Your patience for a certain player could finally snap—or even a classic “nice guy” who is so indecisive about next steps, that your personal road to hell has been paved with their good intentions. Life is too short to play the eternal waiting game. You might have to put someone on the back burner for a while so you can open up space for the enduring, all-consuming love that a sensual Taurus lives for. If you’re in a relationship, this new moon can bring a surge of sexy bonding energy your way. This might just manifest in the form of a co-signed lease, meaningful jewelry exchange or another merging of assets. Whether for business or pleasure, you need your interpersonal relationships to be locked and loaded. And with Mercury safely out of retrograde, have the attorney draft a contract for any financial deals on the table. Whether you’re investing in a start-up or scouting out real estate, this new moon can make you a powerful attractor. Focus on what you want, Bull, and don’t settle for less!

On Wednesday, nebulous Neptune wakes up from its five-month snoozefest in Pisces, your eleventh house of groups and technology. You may have felt a bit untethered during this backspin, blowing like sagebrush from one clique to another yet never feeling like you belong with any of them. Ironically, the harder the searched for community, the more elusive it proved to be. But as idealistic Neptune powers forward this Wednesday, you can disband from a soulless squad and pick up the pursuit for your true crew in earnest. Because your priorities and passions have shifted, you’re probably not AS compatible with the same people as before. This is a good time to clear out and update your digital life, too. There’s no telling what pixels, cookies or security breaches may have gotten into your files when foggy Neptune was backpedaling through your tech zone. Create strong passwords, check the location and privacy settings on your apps, and delete any potentially embarrassing photos or documents from your hard drive. “Securing your boundaries” is a good motto to live by now.

Tradition? Whose tradition? This Thursday, the moon links arms with Venus, Saturn and Pluto for a cosmic kumbaya in your all-inclusive ninth house. Nothing’s off the table for you this Thanksgiving, including talking turkey about politics, unconscious bias in America or the distorted story of what really happened back on Plymouth Rock. Even the more conservative Bulls will have a taste for broader dialogue. Keep your mind (and your door) open because a last-minute guest could bring an enlightened perspective to the dinner conversation. Have you saved your pennies for some Black Friday splurging? With this cosmic cluster activating your travel zone, nab that fare saver, deep-discounted yoga retreat—or maybe a luxury item that can only be imported (even if that means waiting until early 2020 for its arrival!).

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