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MONTH OF December

You’re in “focus mode” for the first three weeks of the month, thanks to the Sagittarius Sun plunging into the depths of your intimate eighth house until December 21. But don’t get lost down there, Taurus! A plethora of planets are piling into Capricorn and your big-picture ninth house all month—including Jupiter and a solar eclipse—issuing a not-so-gentle reminder to pull your head out of the sand. Look around at the wider world that’s calling. If you get so caught up in the details, you’ll miss the exciting opportunities that are about to start rolling in.

It all begins on December 2, when expansive Jupiter rolls into Capricorn, giving you a double shot of go-big-or-go-home energy that will last for more than a year. (It’s about damn time!) Jupiter only visits a zodiac sign once every 12 years, and it was last in Capricorn from December 19, 2007, to January 5, 2009. Page back to that time for themes that might repeat between now and December 21, 2020. You could travel, publish your work, return to school or launch an auspicious entrepreneurial venture.

Jupiter is in “fall” in Capricorn, meaning it’s the least comfortable placement for this planet. It makes sense: No-limits Jupiter rules growth while Capricorn contracts and sets boundaries. Once they settle their differences, however, they can work beautifully together, so you’ll have a solid container that can support your visionary ideas. With structured Saturn (the ruler of this zodiac sign) and transformational Pluto also in Capricorn, you’ll thrive when you map out a plan then strike with courage. Calculated risks could pay off handsomely as you move into 2020.

One day to really go for it is December 15, when Jupiter forms a rare and harmonious trine to radical changemaker Uranus, which is in Taurus until 2026. While both planets are actually in their “fall” in these signs, that won’t stop you from dreaming big. Uranus in your first house of self, buoyed by the optimistic rocket fuel of Jupiter in your ninth house of expansiveness, could take a passion project or a lofty idea to global heights. If you’ve got something to say, this potent and outspoken alignment will give you the courage to vocalize your truth.

Getting in tune with your values will help anchor you before you make those proclamations. You’ll get a cosmic assist with that on December 12, when the year’s only Gemini full moon illuminates your second house of worthiness, money and work. Don’t wait until next year to announce that you’re raising your rates in 2020, or to sign a long-term client or lock in that promotion. This is THE day to rev up your revenue and make contracts official! If you don’t have a solid budget or profitability plan in place, work the numbers and get ready for a bottom-line boost in 2020.

Reach out to your network, too! On December 13, in the tailwind of the full moon, go-getter Mars forms a catalyzing trine to Neptune in the most relationship-driven sectors of your chart. A friend or colleague could present an exciting opportunity to join forces. But with speedy Mars here, you may feel pressure to sign on the dotted line fast. Take the time to really look this offer through. With obscuring Neptune in the mix, they might gloss over the finer points and present something that sounds a little too good to be true. While you don’t want to miss the boat by being overly cautious, DO look before you leap.

Then get ready to point those ambitious arrows skyward! On December 21, the Sun sails into Capricorn for a month, joining Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your sky’s-the-limit ninth house. Set your sights on those supersized goals and ideas for 2020 and beyond. Christmas will be colored by this buoyant ninth-house energy, spreading a ripple effect of good cheer and generosity (Santa Claus sure IS coming to town!). If you get the slightest whiff that your holidays could be depressing or laden with hefty responsibilities, consider booking a ticket (or tickets) somewhere fun and fabulous instead of doing the traditional holiday routine. Go different and adventurous this year, Taurus! And if you do commune with your clan, keep things festive: Break out the board games, put a karaoke machine at the top of your list and BE the Santa Claus of your circle by keeping things merry and bright.

There’s so much to look forward to, after all. On December 26, a Capricorn solar eclipse blazes into your ninth house of opportunity, which could blast your life into a whole new direction over the coming six months. This is an annular eclipse, also called the “ring of fire” for the flaming outline of the Sun that appears behind the moon’s passing shadow. And you’ll certainly be lit up about your goals and plans by this eclipse, Taurus. When the bold Sun and Jupiter make their once-a-year conjunction on December 27, no one and nothing can hold you back! Considered the luckiest day of the year by some astrologers, the Sun-Jupiter meetup can make you feel like your dreams are actually possible. (They are!)

Has it been a while since you actually believed that? No surprise. In many ways, 2019 was like a long dues-paying phase. Maybe you got in touch with your shadow side or confronted some buried emotions that rose to the surface. You might even have experienced a dark night of the soul, one that’s left you stronger and more resilient but was also excruciatingly vulnerable.

The reason for that: From November 8, 2018, until December 2, 2019, Jupiter passed through Sagittarius and your eighth house of deep transformation and merging. This intense zodiac sector rules birth, death, reincarnation and joint ventures. It’s the place where “me” flows into “we” and where one sheds all the outworn and inauthentic layers, then rises like a phoenix. You may have been unusually private or deeply immersed in research or an all-consuming mission. This month is your cosmic coming-out party—and the planetary lineup at the end of December is here to throw an epic event!

On New Year’s Eve, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are ALL in Capricorn—and the directive is clear: It’s time to take a big, bold and badass leap into the brand-new decade. Your visionary ideas deserve center stage, and you won’t rest until all that’s been brewing inside of you for the past year gets to see the light of day. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Celebrate your new attitude with 50—or 500—of your closest friends this NYE. Your travel sector is a hot zone, so maybe you’ll be ringing in the New Year resort-style or by dashing off to the airport for a last-minute jetsetter’s getaway. Who knows? Spontaneity is the key. And don’t hesitate to grab a wingperson or two. With the moon in Pisces and your eleventh house of group activity, it’s a more-the-merrier vibe, where fellow daredevils are more than welcome. As the calendar turns, mystical Neptune is in close contact with la luna, so you might do a collaborative ritual or lay out some vision-boarding supplies. In some way, making a public declaration of your commitment to your dreams can create an air of accountability. You WANT people to hold you to these grand ideas, Taurus, especially before that “reasonable” voice has you second-guessing or playing it safe. Note: 2020 is NOT the year for excessive caution. Flip that mental traffic light from yellow to green…we can’t wait to see what you create!


Partnerships are exciting and adventurous for you this month thanks to your celestial guardian, amorous Venus, jetting through your ninth house of new horizons and passionate Mars heating up your zone of committed relationships. If you’re single, you might be attracted to a different kind of person, possibly someone from a strikingly different background or lifestyle than yours. Try not to prejudge them, and you might be pleasantly surprised! Couples could be thinking about traveling or doing something a little outside the box, maybe taking a class or workshop together or testing a joint business venture with a holiday pop-up. Here’s a thought: Rather than buy heaps of unnecessary (and expense) holiday presents, why not put that money toward a pair of plane tickets or reservations for an over-the-top New Year’s celebration?

Meanwhile, excitable Mars is powering up Scorpio and your house of committed partnership until January 3. The urge to merge—on a more permanent basis—could strengthen, but watch that you don’t feel so much pressure that you pass it on to your love interest. That could cause them to retreat, regardless of how they feel about you. Just catch the intensity when it wells up and find a healthier outlet for your passion. Singles may get a second wind for “hitting the scene” and right-swiping. With fervent Mars heating up tempers, couples could argue more, but the makeup sex will be worth every harsh syllable!

On December 20, vixen Venus drops anchor in Aquarius and your tenth house of long-range goals. With this renewed focus on the future, you might be intent on making things more official, whether that means putting a ring on it or exploring business opportunities with your sweetie. Single? Sparks could fly with a coworker, so if office policy permits, you might see how well you mesh “offline” over the holidays. If a colleague offers to make an introduction, take them up on it. You never know! Think “upscale” for New Year’s Eve plans and parties this year.

Key Dates:
December 11: Venus-Saturn meetup

Long-range Saturn syncs up with the love planet, prompting you to question what you really want for the future. Venus helps you speak honestly and diplomatically about your hopes and dreams. For some Bulls, a long-distance connection could turn serious.


Time to think big again, Taurus! All year long, expansive Jupiter has been in Sagittarius and your eighth house of investments and joint ventures. You’ve been deeply focused and perhaps a bit behind the scenes. While you’ve grown immensely, you’re ready to peek your head out and commune with the world again. Perfect timing because on December 2, Jupiter moves into Capricorn and your ninth house of travel, expansion, entrepreneurship and higher education. It’s time to spread your wings!

Between now and December 19, 2020, generous Jupiter could bring tidings of great adventure. Think: a long-distance job offer, an international college degree program or work at a mission-driven startup. Your big ideas will be anchored by structured Saturn and transformational Pluto, both in Capricorn. Now’s the time for strategic risks—the only kind your security-minded sign is open to.

That said, when Jupiter sends a beam to pioneering Uranus in Taurus on December 15, you might go “all in” on an exciting but untested idea. With go-getter Mars heating up your teamwork and technology sector from November 19 until January 3, explore a collaboration! Find a local networking event such as Creative Mornings. You never know: A meeting of innovative minds could yield a groundbreaking biz idea.

Strengthening this influence is the December 12 Gemini full moon, which beams into your second house of work and money. This could bring an exciting job offer or a new revenue stream. Looking to manifest your next dream gig? Get a pen and paper—or sit quietly in visualization—and set some intentions today.

On December 21, the Sun moves into Capricorn and your abundant, horizon-broadening ninth house, helping you end the year on an optimistic note. A December 26 Capricorn solar eclipse pushes the action forward at a speedy pace you’ll feel for the rest of 2019. You could be boarding a plane, applying to a university program or hanging your shingle on a new startup venture in the next six months. Either way, get ready to ring in the New Year with some supersized goals!

Key Dates:
December 8: Sun-Neptune square

Guard your intellectual property and treat it like the treasure it is! People may be talking a good game, but nebulous Neptune can distort reality. This is a better day for brainstorming and big-picture thinking. Trying to nail down details will be a waste of time, because more info is likely to come to light. Keep things open-ended for now.

Love Days: 18, 22
Money Days: 11, 29
Luck Days: 9, 26
Off Days: 6, 20, 24

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