Syracuse Men’s Basketball Players Wear ‘#NotAgainSU’ T-Shirts

The Syracuse men’s basketball team stood in solidarity with their fellow university students after a wave of racist and anti-semitic incidents have rocked the campus. 

During the national anthem, before Wednesday’s (November 20) game against Cornell, the SU men’s basketball team wore warm-up T-shirts with the hashtag #NotAgainSU according to

Hundreds of university students organized protests in the wake of ugly incidents that have marred the campus. 

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There have been several instances of racist graffiti, a Swastika being drawn in the snow, and the N-word being yelled at a Black student by fraternity members. The latter incident led to the suspension of the fraternity’s activities. 

The official SU men’s basketball Twitter account posted a photo of the shirt with a quote from junior star Elijah Hughes.

“As a team we want to show support for our fellow students and all those who are working toward ensuring a safe and welcoming community,” the quote read.

The protesters are not simply protesting the incidents, as the hashtag also represents attitudes towards the university’s responses to these incidents. 

Many people of color within the Syracuse community feel this type of behavior is fostered by a culture that is not welcoming to marginalized groups.

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In an incident in February of this year, Black students who were assaulted said the assailants used racial slurs during the attack. 

Despite the victims’ claims and multiple eyewitness accounts, university police said the act was not “race based.” 

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