Sylvester Stallone and his kids made a Tiger King tribute during quarantine

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Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Like you, the Stallone family are finding new and exciting ways to entertain themselves while in quarantine to help combat the spread of COVID-19. It goes without saying that you’ve got to make your own fun during this trying time, and so the Italian Stallion himself, his wife, and daughters dressed up as the kooky cast of Netflix’s latest binge-worthy documentary, TIGER KING.

Sly recently posted a video of his family dressed as the off-kilter cast, in which the Rocky Balboa actor is outfitted as alleged conman Jeff Lowe, while daughter Sophia conjured Joe Exotic, wife Jennifer Flavin got gussied up as animal rights activist Carole Baskin, daughter Sistine dressed as Exotic’s husband John Finlay and Scarlet dressed as head zookeeper Erik Cowie.

For those of you who’ve yet to tumble down the disturbing rabbit hole that is Netflix’s TIGER KING, the documentary details the events leading up to platinum blonde mullet-sporting tiger breeder Joe Exotic’s conviction for murder-for-hire against Big Cat Rescue non-profit founder and quintessential crazy cat lady Carole Baskin.

Joining her husband in the TIGER KING fun, Flavin then added a photo of the family to her own Instagram account:

To be frank, I didn’t find the series to be as intoxicating as several others who’d recommended it to me. While Joe Exotic’s tale is indeed a fascinating one, the events of the series struck me as sad, more than anything else. I’m not about to climb up on my soapbox or anything, though I will say that I’ve promised myself to never set foot inside a zoo ever again. My disgust aside, TIGER KING is truly something to behold. It reveals a warped look into the arenas of tiger breeding, ownership, and outright abuse of wild animals (as well as human beings). If you think you can stomach it, and the thought of watching a 7-hour train wreck in slow, maddening motion appeals to you, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Netflix’s TIGER KING is available to stream right now. If youre looking for a quarantine conversation starter, this is it!

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