Summer Walker’s Edges Were Criticized By A White Woman, And Her Reaction Goes Viral

“Lmao I just had a whole white girl just come for my edges and try to tell me how to do them,” Summer wrote on her Instagram stories. “The girls are getting out of control. LAWD.”

Keep scrolling to see the photo Summer posted that highlights the baby hair in question: 

“I know for a FACT she has never had a dry a** toothbrush, edge control, & relaxer all on her bathroom counter simultaneously,” she added.

“I know for a fact she’s never had box braids, I know for a fact she’s never had her scalp greased with black castor oil & YOUR TRYING TO TELL A BLACK WOMAN ABOUT HER 4c hair.”

Making her point loud and clear, she ended the post saying, “Hilarious.”

Summer, say it louder for those in the back! Evidently, her fans agreed. The “Playing Games” singer later posted a screenshot of a response to her story by a fan.

“She’s never gotten popped by ball barrettes, never gotten burnt by a hot comb or had to wrap a silk press the night before church…the nerve,” the fan wrote.

We can’t help but agree. Who gave this girl a Ph.D. in slaying edges? Shout out to Summer for voicing her opinion and turning the incident into a teachable moment. 

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