Stranger Things season 4 has supposedly begun filming

When Netflix’s ode to 1980s nerdism – Stranger Things – burst on the scene in July of 2016, it was an instant hit. The television show, which followed the exploits of Mike, Dustin, Will, Lucas, and Eleven as they battled the Mindflayer in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, became a pop culture phenomenon. Suddenly T-shirts, Funko Pops, and – most recently – Jim Hopper mustaches were everywhere. However, the foundation of the show isn’t bumper stickers or GHOSTBUSTERS references, but the quality writing and direction of the Duffer Brothers along with the chemistry of the actors and actresses themselves.

But enough of me waxing poetic about Stranger Things and on to the good stuff.

While season two was somewhat of a letdown for fans and critics, season three of Stranger Things rebounded nicely. The third season offered an INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS storyline, captured the heartbreak of growing older and apart, and featured Dustin singing the theme song to THE NEVERENDING STORY. Good times. It was inevitable that the show would get a fourth season and it looks like principal photography on a fourth go round has finally begun.

According to a report from, season four of Stranger Things officially began filming in and around Atlanta yesterday. This would fall in line with previous reports that filming would begin this month. Further reports indicate that principal photography is set to last through August. That’s a Hell of a long time if you ask me. While the Duffer Brothers previously indicated that the fourth season would drop in December of this year, the long shoot suggests it may not release until 2021. How do they expect us to wait that long for more awesome 80s goodness?? Those savages!

There’s rampant speculation as to what direction season four will go in. Many suspect that events may take place outside of Hawkins, Indiana. Indeed the stinger in the last episode of season three strongly suggests this, showing a Russian prison containing a demogorgon. The stinger also implied (SPOILER ALERT!) David Harbour’s Jim Hopper may have survived the explosion that supposedly killed him. Moreover, the teaser for season four contained the Westminster chimes, most commonly associated with Big Ben and London, England. Could our brave band of heroes be taking a European vacation? Will they meet the Griswalds? Time will tell.

So what direction do you guys think season four will take? Do you think Hopper is still alive? Will any of the episodes be set in Hawkins? Sound off in the comments below!



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