Someone Made Scarves That Look Exactly Like CVS Receipts, Oh My God

Whether you head to CVS to pick up shampoo, cold medicine, a stuffed animal because you forgot to get your niece a gift for her third birthday party which starts in an hour, or a single pack of gum, there’s one thing that every shopper who passes through those doors will leave with: A Huge. Ass. Receipt.

CVS receipts are so ridiculously long they should be broken up into chapters, that way if anyone tries to read the whole thing they’ll know where they left off the last time they picked it up.

CVS receipts are so damn long that people have actually used them as a way to fix busted blinds on windows.

CVS receipts are SO MINDBLOWINGLY LONG that there’s actually an entire Twitter account dedicated to them, but parody social media accounts aren’t the only thing that CVS’s endlessly vast receipts have inspired.

Chicago resident and Etsy shop owner Alan Salganik had seen people wrapping themselves in or wearing CVS receipts as a joke (what else are you supposed to do with five feet of paper) and thought to himself,

“Hey — wait a second.

This is actually a good idea.”

So, he turned them into actual clothing.

Behold, the CVS receipt scarf.


(Don’t worry, they’re not made of paper)

These scarves, which are available on Alan’s Etsy shop for $19, are 100% fleece, handmade, feature hilariously perfect print, and they’re each 8 inches wide and 59 inches long — almost the size of an actual CVS receipt!

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