‘She Don’t Care’: Amanda Seales Calls Out Kim Kardashian For Her Long-Standing History With Blackface

After a controversial magazine cover was released with Kim Kardashian West looking a little darker than usual, Amanda Seales called out the celeb in two Instagram posts. The first was an upload of the contentious cover of 7Hollywood magazine with a caption saying “ARE YOU F**CKING KIDDING ME? (I’ll address this thoroughly later.)”

In the second Instagram Live post, Seales gave more than just her two cents. 

“Honestly, what is there to say?” she opened with. “Cause what folks will say is ‘But she has black children. ‘Stop it.’ But she’s Middle Eastern. ‘Stop it.’ But she’s helping black people get out of jail. ‘Stop! Drop! Shut em down open up… Stop it!.” 

“As a black woman, to see this person on this cover in blackface, and yes, you call it tan or bronzer or whatever, but again, she don’t care,” Seales said before later continuing. “We are so dope in many ways, we have consistently been seen as only resources, not as people. So they touch our hair, they inject their lips and their hips and their booties to mimic ours. They attempt our style, and they give nothing back. It’s all depletion with no replenishment.”

7Hollywood later posted a behind the scenes video that gave the full scope of the star in what did not appear to blackface although the final front cover selection speaks otherwise.

Kardashian has been accused multiple times of forcibly making her skin look darker, from her Fulani braids controversy to her KKW beauty ads and her visibly darker photo that she posted of herself on Twitter.

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