Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Kissed for Second Time During Quarantine

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello enjoyed their dramatic quarantine walk kiss so much last weekend that they literally recreated it yesterday for paparazzi watching. Anything goes when you’re social distancing, have limited clothes, and are intensely in love.

Cabello and Mendes were photographed out strolling and dramatically kissing again in Miami, wearing basically the exact same outfits they wore last weekend. Mendes had black shorts on and a necklace like last time, while Cabello wore the same exact print dress with flip flops and her hair down.

There were two major differences: The couple carried different coffee mugs (Cabello had a Despicable Me Minions one this time), and Mendes wasn’t shirtless. Sorry, Shawn Mendes fans.

Mendes and Cabello first revealed they were quarantining together when they did an Instagram Live concert together on Friday, March, 20. “We’re gonna sing a few songs today, because social distancing doesn’t have to be boring,” Cabello said as their livestream began. “It doesn’t. This is a crazy time, and we’re all gonna come out of this together. We’re gonna pull through, and we’re gonna try to connect and make each other smile in the meantime, and so that’s what this is for. So we will go flat and sharp. And we will miss a couple harmonies.”

Mendes encouraged their fans to take care of themselves: “Guys, before we go, we love you,” he said. “We love you so much. We care about everyone. Again, I just want to say be patient with yourself. Please do. Give yourself the patience and love you deserve right now.”

The two did a second Instagram Live this past Friday, where they did a meditation and chatted for 42 minutes:

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