See How Ryan Reynolds’s Company Crafted a Gin Commercial to Respond to the Peloton Ad

It’s not the holiday season if there isn’t at least one controversy over something. This year, the conversation is around this ad for a Peloton bike, where, according to critics, the woman appears to be frightened the whole time. It’s also supposedly implied that the woman is working out to please her husband. Regardless of where your opinions lie on this ad, Monica Ruiz, the actress featured in the ad, has found a way to respond: through another commercial.

Per TMZ, Ruiz is in a new advertisement, for Aviation American Gin, which is Ryan Reynolds’s company. In the new ad, the woman, flanked by her two friends at a bar, sits in front of a gin cocktail—with the same sad face she was criticized for in the Peloton ad. After a long pause and a close-up, the camera pulls out. “This gin is really smooth,” she says, which is a line you don’t expect her to say after such a melancholic moment.

“Yeah,” her friends responds. “We can get you another one, if you like,” her other friends says. “You’re safe here,” the first friend continues.

“To new beginnings,” they say as they toast and take a sip of their cocktails.

The implication here is that the woman left her husband and is now having a night out with her friends—over gin. In a classic scene of a woman recovering from a breakup, the woman downs her drink. The friend on her left friend slides her drink over to the woman and tells her she can sip on that one, too. “Really?,” she asks, clearly grateful for another way to drown her sorrows.

“You look great, by the way,” her friend adds. Gotta love a subtle, yet completely clever response like this.

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