Second season trailer for Netflix’s Kingdom is filled with medieval zombies

Set during Korea’s Joseon period, Kingdom takes place in a land where corruption and famine run rampant, but when a mysterious plague begins spreading and turning the infected into blood-thirsty monsters, the crown prince sets out to discover the cause and save his people. Toss in some political intrigue and some interesting twists to zombie lore, and you’ve got a series which is a hell of a lot of fun. The first season of the South Korean Netflix series actually debuted more than a year ago, but it slipped below my radar until just last week. I devoured all six-episodes in quick succession, so I’m anxiously awaiting the second season of the series, and I thankfully won’t have to wait very long.


Netflix has released the trailer for the second season of Kingdom, which paints a very grim picture as the infection sweeps across the nation. “As winter approaches, the battle between the living and the undead in Joseon is just beginning,” reads the official synopsis. “The royal court is teeming with snakes, the zombies are coming, and the crown prince has a nation to save. The worst is yet to come, and everyone will need to choose a side without knowing who they can really trust.” Yes please.

The second season of Kingdom will debut on Netflix on March 13, 2020.

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