Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


Netflix and chill? No thanks! On Monday, sultry Venus changes signs, heading into Capricorn and your flirtatious third house until December 20. The Scorpio coquette is back at the wheel‚ so steer yourself off the couch and out into the cultural scene. You could meet your match at a concert, gallery opening or even a fun local event like trivia night. This Venus phase blesses you with the gift of gab. Since you’ll have them BEFORE hello, use your powers of persuasion to get a project pushed through before 2019 is over. Someone who’s been hovering in the friend zone could suddenly have a “benefits package” worth exploring. But this is tricky terrain, especially since this short-lived Venus cycle can make you run hot and cold. Unless you feel like there’s potential for a real deal relationship, keep it in the “friends who flirt” category without getting physical. Already taken? Play social director of your relationship, picking up pairs of tickets to concerts, dance performances, restaurant openings and other nightlife activities. Mix it up, too: Mingling with your shared friend group will keep the vibe from getting too close for comfort.

On Tuesday, November 26 the year’s only new moon in Sagittarius revs up your second house of money, possessions and security. Hit pause on your retail efforts and do a reality check. How many people are on your list? And just how many presents do you have to get each one? Could you possibly trim a few names off that roster—or accept the fact that it truly is the thought that counts? Over the six months ruled by this new moon, you can work down debt and actually start saving money—if you put your mind to it. Some belt-tightening may be in order but look at it as a temporary measure; an investment in your own future. This lunar lift also magnifies your earning power. You could get wind of a plum job opening, but not if you just sit around and wait for the phone to ring. Be proactive and put your feelers out. If you’ve hit a plateau, sign up for the kind of advanced training that can bump you into a higher income bracket. Even if you’re not banging your head against the debt ceiling, you could profit from a better allocation of your resources. Trim the fat from your monthly expenses and you’ll free up the funds for that dream vacation—and possibly get to fly business class.

On Wednesday, dreamy Neptune snaps out of a five-month retrograde and powers forward through Pisces and your fifth house of romance. While your fairy tale might not involve any royals in towers or knights on white steeds, you could still be swept off your feet by a real-life charmer. While Neptune isn’t known for bringing clarity, it does enhance vision and idealism. Being somebody’s side dish or getting strung along while your love interest “works through his issues” is hardly a fulfilling fantasy for you, Scorpio. Before this week is through, you could be issuing an ultimatum: Are you in or are you out? Your mojo might have been in slow-mo, or you could have been reluctant to play the field with Neptune backstroking through the sea of love since June 21. But these next several days are a kundalini-rising kind of week for you, and you’ll enjoy being a true Scorpio again. Trade your fuzzy bunny slippers for dancing shoes and let the flirting begin! Some pampering and a glamorous winter wardrobe upgrade will do wonders to boost your mood.

A buzzy Thanksgiving is in store for Scorpios, as the moon connects to Venus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and your ultrasocial third house. Whether you’re feasting on turkey or meeting other non-celebrants for Chinese buffet (and karaoke if possible!), you could find yourself in a rather uncharacteristic role of the entertainment director. When you turn on the charm, you’re insanely convincing, and before you know it, a shy relative could be dueting “Islands in the Stream” with you…and possibly bringing down the house with your vocal chops or dance moves. With this cosmic quartet in your house of peers, the Friendsgiving vibes will be strong. Invite pals without plans to join you on a leg of the journey, whether to a family gathering or to scoop up some mall-side savings. A small warning: Your competitive side is at the wheel this Friday, but try not to start a Black Friday brawl if someone grabs a half-priced item seconds before you get your mitts on it, ‘k?

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