Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


It’s an under-the-radar kind of week for you, Archer, thanks to a platoon of planets hunkered down in your subterranean twelfth house. Let others bask in the spotlight, too; starting this Tuesday, November 19, you’ll need an equal amount of time for “me, myself and I.” That day, Mars kicks off its biennial jog through Scorpio and your most soulful sector until January 3, making you more of an attractor than a pursuer. While a compulsion to chase is part of your cosmic DNA, this Mars cycle can teach you to conserve your energy and use it to magnetize opportunity instead of depleting it with the constant hunt. Give yourself plenty of downtime—and dreamtime—and don’t worry that you’re “falling behind the competition.” By slowing your pace and recharging your batteries, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when the action planet blasts into your sign on January 3. Plus, the twelfth house rules divine downloads, and you can’t capture them when you’re going 150 mph! You’ll have plenty to keep you busy, but more creative, reflective right-brain activities, like making art, meditating or journaling, than hardcore left-brain endeavors. Inspiration could strike when you least expect it: in nature, on a massage table or soaking in a warm bath. And because the twelfth house rules closure, transitions and healing, you may get a cosmic tailwind when it comes to ending a toxic relationship or quitting a self-destructive habit. This is an excellent time to work with a therapist, coach or energy healer to help you peer into those blind spots that are hard to access on your own.

Downloads and flashes of intuition may start to intensify on Wednesday, so keep a capture device—even a notebook—handy. Messenger Mercury wraps up its last retrograde of the year in Scorpio and that twelfth house of mysticism, healing and completions. Many of you have encountered some shadowy skeletons in your closet since October 31 or done some deep processing work in a fundamental area of life. Now that Mercury is back to forward motion, you’ll start to gain a little clarity about what all THAT was about. Hint: It might have to do with erecting—and enforcing—better boundaries…or not letting the energy vampires into your sacred space in the first place. The analytical planet’s pivot will shine a light on where you may have been a bit overindulgent or unrealistic, and can help you dial up the necessary self-discipline. If you’re half a heartbeat away from burnout, this course correction might inspire some restorative rituals. Mercury will remain in Scorpio until December 9, and before it leaves for another year, you may be inspired to do a food-based cleanse, a weekly day of fasting or something else the detoxifies your system.

And just like THAT, Sagittarius season is upon you! Friday is the kickoff to your annual monthlong celebration as the Sun lunges into your sign on December 21 and restores your joie de vivre. In between those resting poses, you’re ready to be a public figure once again and grant facetime to your patient fanbase. The only thing that your autonomous sign isn’t interested in is being responsible for other people’s weighty emotions. In fact, ANY kind of dependency is a major turnoff for you. Now that you’ve “emerged” from your cocoon, you may realize you need to infuse some breathing room into certain friendships. Just don’t overreact and give someone you care about their walking papers. A calm and collected conversation about your needs and theirs can help you find the perfect equilibrium.

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