Ryan Reynolds has the best reply to Tom Holland’s Instagram challenge

Tom Holland, Ryan Reynolds, handstand challenge

Nobody likes being stuck in quarantine. Well, I’m a bit of a shut-in, so in one way or another I feel as if I’ve been training for this COVID-19 business for most of my life. That being said, many who are used to staying physically active are finding it tough to remain indoors, and away from their daily routine of 5K runs, bike rides, and street hockey sessions. Thankfully, the human species is capable of boundless ingenuity, and so there are some who have been busy thinking up new and creative ways with which to challenge their physiques.

Enter Tom Holland, who recently participated in a new physical challenge via Instagram that involves putting on a t-shirt while performing a handstand. After struggling quite a bit to get the job done, a breathless Holland finally nominated his SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, FREE GUY avatar Ryan Reynolds, and his best friend Harrison Osterfield to complete the challenge.

Funnily enough, Gyllenhaal responded by posting a video of himself completing the challenge with the greatest of ease:

As for Reynolds, I think the sight of an out-of-breath Holland was enough to send him packing, as he’d displayed no interest whatsoever in rising to the occasion:

Actually, I kind of feel like trying the challenge for myself. Hold on for just a few minutes …

Holy crap! My face is currently as blue as Violet Beauregarde’s after chewing a piece of Willy Wonka’s forbidden gum. That being said, I did it! Suck it, physical limitations! I suppose all those hours at the gym (pre-pandemic) really are paying off.

Are you capable of completing the handstand challenge? Why not give it a go and then report back to us with how you did in the comments section below?

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