Robyn Crawford Reveals Heartbreaking New Details About Whitney Houston’s Marriage

The highly anticipated episode of Red Table Talk featuring guest Robyn Crawford premiered on Tuesday (November 19). During the intimate interview with Jada Pinkett Smith, Crawford revealed some private details about Whitney Houston‘s allegedly tumultuous marriage with Bobby Brown.

While promoting her new memoir A Song for You, Crawford said she and Brown never saw eye-to-eye, especially after he and Houston wed.

She explained that while things never got physical between her and the “My Prerogative” singer, he “did get in my face a couple times.”

She alleged, though, that things between Brown and Houston were so unhealthy that she suspected that physical abuse was involved. Robyn said Houston returned from her honeymoon with a gash on her cheek and told her she accidentally cut herself — an excuse she admitted she didn’t buy.

“The more I saw and heard and the messier it got, I thought she’d get tired of it,” Crawford recalled. “Whitney had a lot of pride and a strong will. But every time I thought that would be it, it wasn’t.”

Crawford said, it was at this point that she decided to resign from her position as Houston’s assistant and creative director.

“I know the depths of my struggle, having to do it as well,” Pinkett Smith told her after she shared her story. “Did you have any hope that in you making the decision to walk away that it would change something and what do you think needed to change in order for you to remain?”

“When I made the decision, I never once thought or believed I was leaving Whitney,” she responded. “I needed her to stop and think about herself and look at where we were. It was so many people, she wasn’t paying attention, the situation was out of control and I felt like I had done all I could do in the current climate of what Nippy, Inc. was at that time.”

Take a look at the full interview below:

Robyn Crawford’s book A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston is out now.

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