Richard Sherman And Darrelle Revis Get Into A Back And Forth On Twitter Over Defensive Play | Sports

The San Francisco 49ers advanced to the Super Bowl with a win over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game. The 49ers defense is a large part of their success, and defensive back Richard Sherman is one of their leaders and top players. 

Following the 49ers win former all-pro defensive back Darrelle Revis, known for shutting down the league’s best receivers in his day on “Revis Island,” took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Twitter. 

Revis doesn’t believe Sherman should get credit as a true “lockdown corner” as he doesn’t always cover the best receiver in a one-on-one matchup.

Sherman of course had a response for Revis.

The two men were arguing the finer points of defensive back play, something most fans don’t care too much about. 

The reality is, both men are correct. 

Revis was a “true” lockdown corner. He moved from outside to inside and followed the opposing team’s top wide receiver on every possession. He was a 7X All-Pro and Super Bowl champion. 

Sherman mainly stays inside and covers whatever receiver is lined up opposite him. Sometimes it’s the other team’s best, sometimes not. 

This was a funny exchange between two great players who love mixing it up on the field or on social media.

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