Rachel Bloom on Death of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s’ Adam Schlesinger

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom took to social media to honor her fellow Crazy Ex songwriter Adam Schlesinger, who passed away Wednesday of coronavirus complications.

Bloom offered her condolences with a brief but heartfelt Instagram post: “I have so much to say about Adam Schlesinger that I am at a complete loss for words. He is irreplaceable.”

Schlesinger, who co-founded the power pop group Fountains of Wayne and also composed music for movies like That Thing You Do!, was hospitalized earlier this month in upstate New York after contracting the coronavirus. He was placed on a ventilator and heavily sedated before ultimately passing away.

He served as executive music producer on The CW’s musical rom-com Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for all four seasons, and wrote many of the show’s original songs along with Bloom and Jack Dolgen. He earned five Emmy nominations for his work on the series, including a win last year for co-writing the Season 4 song “Anti-Depressants Are So Not a Big Deal” with Bloom and Dolgen.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna also memorialized Schlesinger with a lengthy post on Twitter: “Adam was so funny, so kind, so opinionated, so clever, so passionate. We worked together and agreed and disagreed and rejoiced and bemoaned and celebrated, and it felt extra sweet for me because I’d known him so long. I love that guy. I love all the memories.”

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