Quibi’s When The Streetlights Go On trailer is a retro ’90s murder mystery

Quibi recently unveiled a trailer for their coming-of-age murder mystery series WHEN THE STREETLIGHTS GO ON. The bone-chilling events of this stylish thriller take place in a small town where a young woman and a teacher have been found murdered. As the town struggles to understand the nature of the crime, a detective rounds up the most likely suspects. Starring in the drama as Detective Grasso is rap royalty and accomplished actress Queen Latifah. Joining the U.N.I.T.Y. preacher are Chosen Jacobs, Tony Hale, Ben Ahlers, Cameron Bancroft, Victoria Bidewell, Ivy Matheson, Lindsay Navarro, Sam Strike, and Sophie Thatcher, among others.

Quibi, When The Streetlights Go On, Queen Latifah

The project hails from Paramount TV and Anonymous Content, with Chris Hutton and Eddie O’Keefe on scripting duties and Rebecca Thomas in the director’s chair. When Quibi launches on April 6, subscribers can look for WHEN THE STREET LIGHTS GO ON in the streamer’s “Movies in Chapters” section. The show will be divided into 10 quick-hit chapters.

I’ve got to tell you, the more I see of Quibi the more I’m thinking about subscribing to the service. I’m a sucker for anything set in the ’90s, as that’s when I was still a curious and optimistic teenager. Now, I’m just a curmudgeon behind a keyboard, weathering a pandemic unlike the modern world has ever seen. What’s funny to me is that I distinctly remember that rumor about Marilyn Manson having removed a rib in order to facilitate auto-fellatio. Oh the ’90s. Speaking of which, is anyone else getting some hard Nevermind vibes from the above image of the dead girl in the pool? I certainly am. Anyway, you can check out WHEN THE STREETLIGHTS GO ON beginning on April 6th, only on Quibi.

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