Psycho Star Wars Fan Goes Nuts in Theater When Someone Checks Their Phone!

It seems that the Dark Side was strong within some dude who lost his shit on another person for checking their phone while THE RISE OF SKYWALKER was starting to play! This may be the greatest instance to come from the film’s opening weekend release other than the fact that it was f*cking epically awesome and a beautiful way to end the Skywalker saga and any cynics that whine it’s just boring fan service or some shit like that is not a real f*cking fan and can go… whoa there! Got a little off tangent! However, that little rant perfectly encapsulates the crazed fan rage that has so disgustingly crept into our STAR WARS universe and is on full display by the piece of Bantha fodder below:

How hilarious was it that the dude got escorted out of the damn theater?! It’s like an early Christmas gift! I think he could use some time alone out on that island where Luke was living in exile. Simmer down, yo! Anger only leads to the Dark Side and we all know how that turns out! STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER is currently in theaters and it is way better than CATS!

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