Princess Love And Ray J’s Marriage Meltdown Takes A Surprising Turn

Over the past week, we saw Princess Love or Ray J’s marriage melt down before our eyes after the Love & Hip Hop star and entrepreneur allegedly left his very pregnant wife and daughter stranded in Vegas following the Soul Train Awards. 

After airing all the details on her Instagram stories, Princess even went so far as to claim she would be filing for divorce upon returning to Los Angeles.

Well, sounds like a lot changed in a few days.

On his own Instagram Story posted Tuesday (Nov. 26), Ray J posted videos of a photographer taking what looks like pregnancy photos of Princess Love, who is seen wearing gray angel wings. 

In the second video, Ray J is heard saying, “I can only imagine what inside the camera look like ‘cause it look dope over here.” 

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The video was posted on the Shaderoom’s IG and commenters had so many questions for what looked like a quick turn back to normalcy for the couple. “Like they did all that for what smh,” one person wrote. “Break up to make up,” another commented.

Previously, Princess Love revealed that the drama between them started when Ray J demanded they move from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. When she refused to comply, he allegedly partied with strippers and escorts in another hotel room while she was alone taking care of their daughter Melody.

Sounds like things have blown over…for now. Hopefully everything remains peaceful between the two while they anticipate the birth of their second child, any day now!

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